The cultural melting pot

Like many large countries, the US consists of people from many different cultures and ethnic backgrounds.

Who do you think you are?

In America, your foreignness is probably not an asset. You’re going to have to prove yourself.   

No time for modesty

Especially relevant to Danes, this is good advice for anyone who tends to underplay their strengths

Create a brand movement

Iconic US brands keep on top of their game, so how do outsiders get a piece of the action?

Do it like the locals

If you’re going to negotiate business deals with US locals, it’s always an advantage to fit in

Go digital in the US

Americans rule the Internet, so any strategy to target the US better involve the digital world

Minority marketing is not minor

The sheer size of minority groups in the US offers marketers a huge opportunity – but it’s not always easy

An American abroad

Do Americans really think they’re the best? An American learns from life abroad

ReSound: US marketing success

With over 40 percent of its business from the US, Danish-based GN ReSound is doing something right