Think America explores key issues related to how foreign companies can successfully market in the United States. The objective of this publication is to create awareness of why marketing to US audiences requires an approach that is very different to other markets around the world.

This publication is the result of seminars held in Denmark (Copenhagen and Silkeborg) in August 2011 by the Danish-American Business Forum. At the seminars, David Hoskin, Managing Partner of Eye for Image, spoke about some key findings and challenges for Danish companies looking to enter into or expand in the US. Charlotte Bang, Head of Brand Support & Group Communication for ReSound, also spoke about her personal experiences marketing a successful Danish brand in the US.

Think America is written by David Hoskin, Raechelle Wilson, Alina Ovanesso, and Kathryn Casey. It was produced by Eye for Image, a B2B international marketing agency based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Key messages

The subject of marketing to the US is vast and complex; no single publication could hope to touch on all of the issues and challenges that foreign companies will face in this endeavor. What we have put together here is not a definitive resource, but we hope that these articles will provide you with some insight into US marketing strategies. Particularly, after reading this publication we hope you will see why the following four aspects are crucial to the success of your business-to-business (B2B) marketing efforts:

  1. You must show your US audience that you understand their particular situation and needs. Be well prepared for cultural diversity and political correctness. Remember that they will probably have a very different outlook on the world than you do.
  2. Develop marketing messages that are powerful, relevant, innovative and shareable. Focus on the benefits that motivate and engage your customer. Don’t get too technical, and please don’t be modest.
  3. Create excellent sales, marketing and communication materials. Do not compromise on quality. Maximize your budget by making wise decisions about what you need to produce. You may not be able to do it all – but you have to do it well.
  4. Have a strong online presence. Use traditional online media and get on board with social media. Get this right and your audience reach will expand before your eyes.

Of course, we’d love to hear your thoughts, questions and experiences on marketing to the US, too. Please feel free to comment on any of the articles in this publication, or contact us directly.